Friday, February 23, 2007

How cool is this.......

Pete Townshend of The Who has a piece on his blog [yes, can you believe it, he blog's!] on Down syndrome.

It truly amazes me, and humbles me when you see others who 'get it'! [Especially people with great talent and fame]

In his post [which I encourage you to go read], Townshend comments on how to treat Melissa Riggio [regarding the lyrics she wrote and submitted to Rachel Fuller]

"........and I encouraged Rachel to deal with Melissa kindly but honestly, and not pull punches. When the lyrics arrived I realized no punches needed to be pulled - Melissa is a real poet, just as Mary is a real dancer."

Yes, People with Down syndrome are real. They are real people, who live real lives. They have dreams, they have talents, they have goals and they have passions.

Thank you Pete Townshed for stating this fact, and I hope others will take your lead and look at all people for who they are [not their diagnosis, skin color, race, name it] We are all part of this amazing tapastry of life and isn't it just grand!!!!


I found this piece on two friends blogs, pinwheels and saint nobody

I say friends, it is both familiar and strange, as you see these are friends who share a common bond of T21 in their lives, and thus, our life paths have crossed. It amazes me, how profoundly my life has been enriched by the birth of my daughter and her extra chromosome. I have 'met' so many people that are truly amazing souls, and if it were not for this common bond, I might never been given the opportunity for our paths to cross.

But for me, this connection to The Who is extremely powerful, as my dear Brother, Kenny, who passed away a week after Emma Sage was born, was the biggest 'The Who' fan I have ever known. For all of my high school years, my mornings were welcomed with 'Teenage Wasteland' blasting on the stereo [you know, that thing that plays vinyl records]......Kenny knew of his new neice before his death, but he never got to hold her. I know he would have treasured her. Kenny always loved the 'underdog'...........and with Emma Sage he would have been on her side of the ring rooting her along in all that she does!!!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post. I have been so out of the loop these days. Thanks for sharing this TM.

Lots of love...

jennifer said...

Thank you for this beautiful's an honor to call you friend, TM!

Amy said...

I agree with what Jennifer says, above, wholeheartedly! Stella and I are visiting the blog while we have a girls' night (big brother is at a sleepover and Daddy is out at some friends' gigs).
I'm so glad to be a part of this circle now!