Thursday, February 22, 2007

'Hopes and Dreams'

Message born of 'Hopes and Dreams' by By Ryan Holeywell, USA TODAY [click the link to read the whole story]

The above is an article about Melissa Riggio and Steve Riggio [her father and CEO of Barnes and Nobles] and their 'Hopes and Dreams'

These dreams are exactly the 'Hopes and Dreams' I have held for Emma Sage....that the world see's her.......focuses on 'who' she is and 'not' on her diagnosis.

Please take the time to read the above is wonderful and shows a picture of father and daughter [playing guitar] and has the words to a beautiful song that Melissa wrote and produced with her friend Rachel Fuller.

Also, please check out your local Barnes and Noble, as they are hosting events for children to celebrate in the gift that Trisomy 21 is.....a way for others to understand that people with Down syndrome are just that 'people, children, friends, siblings'.............we are all Human Beings and we are all unique and special in our own way.

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cabronsito said...

I sometimes think:
If I only read, what DS-related blogwriters FIND and SHARE, I have enough to read for the rest of my life.
I wish I had 36 hours a day. Last week I bought a few hours extra. And I bought 2 days extra, just for reading. My problem was giving those 2 extradays a name. I called them Montuday and Frisatday.

Well, what I wanted to say: