Monday, January 08, 2007

The Value of a Human Life.....

Prenatal test can't measure the value of a human life
Christine Fraizer

The prenatal test that doctors are recommending to detect Down syndrome has me running horrified to the keyboard. My son has Down syndrome and I am afraid the tests, which doctors want all pregnant women to take, will end the lives of individuals before they begin. And it's all out of fear. This is not a pro-choice, anti-abortion issue to me. I am fairly liberal in my thinking and would never condemn a woman for her choice to end a pregnancy. This is about my love for my son and the way some may perceive him................................

Please read this wonderful article......the author, Christine Fraizer, touches upon my feelings on this topic so eloquently. I'm pro-choice, pro-educated and compassionate choice. I fear that my daughter is part of an amazing group of human-beings that will become the hands of our medical community.

Emma Sage is a radiatant and amazing little soul......she has so much value and worth [just as we all do] and to think that one would kill a little soul just like her because of a prenatal test that measures her neck fold. Which by-the-way, Emma Sage's was 3.6mm [0.1mm over what is considered 'normal']

Anyway..........please read this is wonderful!

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Anonymous said...

When my sister was pregnant a year and a half ago, she was "strongly encouraged" to undergo a battery of pre-natal tests, one of which was designed to detect T21. She declined not once, not twice, but three times. She finally said to her doctor, "It wouldn't make any difference to me what the results were, so why bother?" I was very proud of her for that because the implication from the doctor was clearly, "If something is 'wrong,' you have choices." How could any child ever be "wrong"?