Saturday, January 06, 2007


Congratultions to Katrina. She is one of SIX winners in a 'Pay it Forward' scholarship essay contest, sponsored by radio station WPST and New Jersey CURE

Over the next six weeks, one essay will be read from one of the SIX winners. At the end of the six week program, all SIX winners will be honored at a reception in Princeton and awarded gift/gifts. At the reception, one winner will be awarded the grand prize....$25,000 college scholarship [oh what a blessing that would be!]

The Essay to nominate Katrina, will be read on-air, on Monday, January 8th between 6am-10am.

94.5WPST which broadcasts across New Jersey [into NY and PA] and the station we always have on the car radio [you know, it is the 'coolest' teenage station around!] I must admit, I listen to 99.9 the Hawk [which to my teenage daughters, plays the OLDIES!!!, I thought the OLDIES were the music of my parents generation,,,you know from the 50's]

So I have been wondering [How did I get to be a hip-Momma listening to an OLDIES station!] lol!!

Anyway.....Katrina has a big interview in the next two weeks and we could use all the positive thoughts and this scholarship would truly be a big blessing in her life.

Katrina's essay and, volunteer work of coarse, have been inspired by her little sister. We are so proud of the work Katrina does and how she inspires others to see people for their abilities and not focus on their disabilities.

I know that there is so much in the news these days about 'pre-natal' testing and Down syndrome and one point always seems to come up "How will having a child with Down syndrome IMPACT our other children".....

Well, Katrina [and Greta and Otto] are living proof that having a sibling with Down syndrome is a very positive thing and a gift that has allowed them to spread their wings and fly!!!! My children are such amazing young women and little man due to the fact that they have a special bond with their sister....a sister that has given them a voice and spirit that they might not have found if it were not for this gift of an extra chromosome.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Katrina! I am hopeful you will win the scholarship. Hurray for writing!!!

Bennetts said...

That is so cool! Congrads Katrina!
I hope the scholarship is yours, you deserve it! WTY

jennifer said...

Congratulations! You are a beautiful family and an inspiration to us all!

'Cousin' Linda said...

Being related to these amazing kids and their parents, I will testify to exactly what Tara wrote!!!
EmmaSage has been an inspiration and a blessing of an addtion to our entire family!!
We have always been a close family but now I think we are all closer than ever!!!!
We all love her and her entire family!
Cousin Linda :)

Jessica said...

Thats wonderful! Congrats Katrina!!!

Mauzy said...

Congratulations K! Wonderful!

Hey TM, could you update us at tri21 about ES as w are worried after your post yesterday!