Tuesday, January 16, 2007

So Mom, what are you telling me?

So Mom, What are you telling me????


That these two birds are my, what? Dinner????

You are joking??? Aren't you? {Look at that face!!! lol!}

OK, so you are NOT joking........and now I have to pick them up and do WHAT?

Hey, this is not soooooo bad,,,,and you are quite the cute little bird, aren't you?!?

OK, Bird, it is you and I...........

And Emma Sage helped her Momma pluck them, and dress them and roast them.....and eat them. Yum!!!!!


Debbie said...

OK< TM, this was enough to drag me out of lurkdom to ask - did those birds just fall down dead in front of Emma Sage (she is such a miracle, I would not be surprised to hear that the answer is yes!). All I can say is - wow - talk about "life skills"! I think Emma Sage will be quite well prepared for just about ANYTHING! And, btw, did you with very little fan fare aquire a new camera? I have been enjoying your recent postings very much (those ballet pictures spoke volumes).

Debbie (Binny's Mom)

Shelley said...

Fresh birds - yummy indeed. As a city slicker I prefer mine already plucked but those photoes were beautiful.

Christina and Vincent said...

I must say that Emma Sage is miost likely the cutest and best dressed hunter in the world :-)
love the pics.

Tara Marie said...

Thanks all!

Debbie, no, no new camera for me, I'm just borrowing Rick's from work.....I only get it from time to time [inbetween trips]. I'm back to saving my pennies again so I can get my dream camera someday soon!

As for my 'miracle' birds.....lol! I wouldn't doubt Miss ES abilities to make that happen....but we have a local hunt club that had a pheasant shoot on Saturday.....so I was gifted 5 birds to enjoy.

And her 'life skills'....yes, this child is learning how to do everything herself [Maria Montessori would be proud!]

Shelly~ Thank you....There is something magical in plucking and dressing your own birds....although it is much quicker to get them at the store! LOL!!! This is more of a novelty, than an everyday occurance [OK, like 2x a year thing!]

Christina & Prince Vince~ Don't you love her Budda belly in the sweater! She is funny, somedays it is full, others she looks like a skinny little thing!

Thanks for sharing in my joy....this child just melts my heart.

Jessica said...

Wow! Emma's braver than me! I wouldn't have the guts to pick up a bird :) I'm a wimp! But I love the expression on her face!

Traci said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! I seriously thought you were joking! You two chickies are quite brave!! I cannot believe she actually picked that bird up....GASP!!!

Kari said...

I absolutley love the pictures. The red coat is adorable. As for the dead birds well all I have to say is if i ever got stranded on a deserted island inhabited with chickens I surley would need you and Emma sage around because I may starve without you. Hahaaaaaaa How hypocritical I am I will eat and enjoy only Dead animals and birds others kill.

BTW I have missed you and am back online and blogging :)