Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Apodechomai is the Greek word for Acceptance ~ Which means :

"To receive heartily"; "To Welcome by deliberate and ready reception what is offered."

Mama Says Om has this very special word as the word of the week to reflect I reflect upon this image of Emma Sage.
Like new fallen snow.....
"By The Grace of GOD, I am what I am"

If you could use one word to describe what you see when you look at me, What Would It Be?

The word I would love to hear is..........Apodechomai ~ Acceptance

Acceptance I ask? YES, Acceptance.

Now take a moment and think. Would Acceptance be a word you would use when you look at me?

What a beautiful world it would be if everyone accepted me!

Sadly, that is statistically not true......for you see, over 90% of woman who find out that they are carrying a baby just like me choose to terminate my life before I am even born.

That is not Acceptance, that is Eugenics.

So please take a moment and think about the word Acceptance, as it is a very important word to someone whom society does not deem fit to be allowed to be born.

"It's when we're given choice that we sit with the GODS and design ourselves." ~ Dorothy Gilman

Choice is a spiritual gift......there is no more precious a gift than free will.


Kay Drakesmom said...

APODECHOMAI from the top of the mountain for all the world to hear. I wish that for Emma Sage, Drake and all who have T/21. If the world could just have a day to share the joy that we share things would be a whole lot different. Oh!, to be able to write like you and Nicole. Thank you for sharing with us. Hugs to all
Kay and Drake 6 (T/21)

Jeanne said...

Beautiful words of wisdom from a very wise woman.
Blessings to you and your lovely family.
Love Jeanne ^j^

LeslieAnn said...


Shelley said...

Gorgeous is the word that came to my mind when I saw that photo! I wish it did for everyone else too - acceptance should not be an issue. Thanks for a beautiful post - yes choice is a powerful gift - and a heavy responsibility too.

Princess Morgan said...

BEAUTIFUL BLOG ENTRY TODAY! Emma is an angel here to bless all the lives she touches!

Soundhunter said...

Eugenics indeed, I feel strongly that these beautiful people are meant to be a visible part of our world, what a poignant message your interpretation of "acceptance" shares.

Best wishes

FamilySnows said...

Tara Marie,
Beautiful. My husband, who has studied Greek, has this to add: The word is written in a plural form. Which means is it is meant for all people - isn't that beautiful.... Apodechomai for all people.... all inclusive. (He said it's kind of like saying ya'll versus you in Greek). It's the omai at the end that adds this meaning. Cool huh, I just had to share! Hugs and love.

Deb said...

Isn't it possible that the women who decide to terminate those pregnancies do so because they feel they can not cope with the acceptance?

jennifer said...

My hope is for the women who don't take the tests...their voices are not counted in that horrifying stastic.

Acceptance for all, by all. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Apodechomai for each and every one of our children.

Emma Sage is beautiful! I love the photos ~ she truly represents all beauty.

My son has Down syndrome, and he's just as beautiful. Choosing acceptance over fear gave my son a voice in this world.

Thank you for posting such a wonderful blog!

Lianna & Gabriel

Nicole said...

Perfect is what I think when I look at her! :) LOVE HER!

grammicki said...

Tara - It's Micki -Laura Q's mom - I think this Post should be the first chapter in the next edition of GIFTS - You and Emma have touched my heart again (as you so often do) Much love, M.

Shelley said...

My next door neighbor and friend has a daughter with Down's, and I am grateful and humbled almost daily by the decision she made to go ahead an welcome little R into the world.

I do not pass judgment on the decisions of others, or at least I try not to, as that is not part of my work in the world as I understand it.

Debra said...

My daughter Leah was watching me as I scrolled through your blog. She saw Emma Sage and said "oh mom, she is so you know her name?" I just love to see the pictures that you take of your beautiful daughter and also your family. You have such a talent.

Thanks for sharing APODECHOMAI that is a wonderful word.

Hugs To you
Debra and Hope

Kari said...

Beautiful post TM! Perfect Precious Angel girl! She is definatley going to experience APODECHOMA!

Kari said...

Hi TM. This post has stuck with me for the past few weeks. I have made a montage using the Greek word. As I am new at making Montages I am sure I will improve it over time but I hope you enjoy it. It is on my blog. Thank you for the inspiration. I just think you are so very wonderful!