Saturday, December 16, 2006

Aunt Jan,,,,,this is for you!

Aunt Jan, this link is for you......well actually, for you and all the kids out there. Remember the cool Pumpkin carving? Well here is our favorite is the website of the Author Jan Brett. I adore her books [as do the children]....I think it is because of our Scandinavian heritage that I am so drawn into her artwork.

I use this site almost daily for ideas and activity worksheets for our homeschooling Emma Sage.

So I'm giving you two links. The first is the Jan Brett [the main website ~ click on her name]

and this direct link to the Decorate the Christmas Tree [click the word Christmas Tree]

Have fun.....I know you will just love this one....and don't forget to add the blinking lights, they are along the sides of the ornaments. Emma Sage likes to also add the lights to the presents! lol!!!


Miranda said...

Oh wow, thanks for the link. I could spend hours looking through all the neat projects on her site. We love Jan Brett too!

Happy Birthday Tara Marie!!

aunt jan said...

Thanx sooo much. I'll definitely check it out and when we are in Oregon I can do that with the kids.
Joining you in tears. HUGS
Happy Bday :) Will miss you on Christmas Eve, but Andy will be there so let Otto know.
LYL Aunt Jan

Michelle said...

Thanks for the link - Kayla enjoyed the tree!

Happy (belated!) birthday!

Do you remember the beautiful winter coat of Emma Sage's that you sent to Kayla 2 years ago? It was a little big then, but she's been able to wear it last year and again this year. Anyway, if you check out my post on Sunday (Grains of Gratitude) I have picures of us on an outing to the Zoo and Kayla is wearing the coat - I received a lot of comments about how beautiful that coat Kayla is wearing is! It makes me smile because I remember she got it from sweet Emma Sage and you! Thanks again for the coat!