Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Trying to catch up.....Halloween 2006

There has been so much going on in our lives, and I have just not had time to stop and record it here is an attempt to catch up.

I still have to post our Halloween pictures and stories of the day, as we had the greatest time 'Trick-or-Treating' with our cousins and the family dinner to follow. My Mother just loved hosting Halloween at her house for all the children and grandchildren, and even though she was not physically present this year, her spirit filled the house and the laughter and joy that echoed throughout her home, were a reminder of all of us of the many years we were blessed to share with her there, and now we will do so with her beautiful spirit in our hearts and memories.....

Here is one picture of Emma Sage checking out PopPop's candy dish that had a hand that moved and a spooky voice talking to you as you took a piece of candy.


Emma Sage heading up to a house.....she had so much fun, as Daddy was able to be with us this year, and she was so independent and had to walk up to the houses on her own, bringing her treat back to her Daddy carrying her cloth bag [which she graciously shared with him all of her treats]. She would say 'Trick-or-Treat' and after getting her treat, she would say "thank you SOOOOO much" and a few times she gave the giver a hug and told them "I love you Sooooo much" which seemed to get her extra treats!!!


Here are two of our cousins that joined in the fun! Kelsy the Witch and Connor the knight. Fiona was a little Gisha girl and baby Gabriel was a 'Pea in the Pod'.....our cousins Ronan was Spiderman and Rori was a Chinese man [with a foo-man-choo] "Yes, I know, that is most likely spelled if you know the real spelling leave a comment and I'll change it!"





The town my parents live in [and the one I grew up in] is truly a wonderful place for Trick-or-Treating, as the neighbors all decorate and really get into creating a hauntingly wonderful time for the children. This year the weather was mild, so it was just a perfect evening.

Before we headed to Nana and PopPop's [I don't think I'll ever not refer to my parents house as Mom&Dad's/Nana&PopPops] we met at the cemetery and said 'Hello' to Mom and tell her how much we missed her and so wanted her to be at the house when we got there, with hamburger soup cooking and her all ready to see the children dressed up.


Snow white and my prince charming! Emma Sage and her Daddy!


Katrina was Dorothy


Emma Sage with her friend John and his sister [they are our neighbors]


and Emma Sage was so excited at this house, as Oscar the Grouch was handing out the treats and she just wanted to stay there and visit!!!!


Well, I guess better late than never in sharing our fun Halloween!!!! Boo!!!!

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