Friday, October 27, 2006

Welcome to Holland.....the song

Here is a beautiful song about the unexpected, but glorious, trip to Holland [giving birth to a precious child with Down syndrome]

Welcome to Holland - by Will Livingston
Click above to play


Laura & Ryan said...

That was lovely TM, Thanks for sharing. I have to laugh because his line about the cards falling into our hands, reminds me of the "song" I wrote about "THE HAND I WAS DEALT". Now if only I can get someone to write the music, and actually sing it, I'd be happy!

Hope to see you soon my friend,

Michelle said...

I wonder how they got France instead of Italy, but no matter -that was a beautiful song - thanks for sharing!

Tara Marie said...

LOL!! I was thinking the same thing....either copyright or rhymed better!!!

Laura,,,,I was thinking the same thing. We need to get that song of yours to music and recorded!!!!

will said...

Because you had linked my song I wanted to give you the new link as the old one is no longer good. I'll try to leave it alone for all of you linked. Thanks for sharing, I love the life stories I get to hear about from everyone.