Friday, October 27, 2006

Bring a friend,,,,wear your costume

Wednesday's dance class was an extra special dance was 'bring a friend' and 'wear your costume for Halloween' day.

Well, Emma Sage just adores dance, and she also adores her cousin Fiona, so that is whom she chose to join her at dance.

This dance class and dance school [Broadway Bound] is truly an amazing place for Little Miss to be dancing at......the teacher is wonderful and all the little girls in the class [there are 9 dancers in this class] are sweet, friendly and so very nice to my little girl.

Emma Sage is in heaven with the beautiful wooden floors [the last two years dance class was held in a nursery school, on a small carpeted area, with no bars or mirrors] fully mirrored room and dance bars for ballet, plus this class combines ballet and tap [and Emma Sage just loves to tap, tap, tap, tap].

Here is a group shot.....I don't have a good camera these days, and missed Emma Sage looking forward.....Fiona is on the bottom left with Emma Sage sitting right next to her. Arn't these little dancers adorable?
Halloween at Dance Class


Eva said...

Tara Marie, what beautiful pictures and what beautiful children!

I got the link to here from Jo - don't know whether you remember me, I was a PP regular (2under2uk with Katarina). Nice to see how Emma Sage is doing. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo TM. Such a lovely group of girls.

Michelle said...

Yes - with a capitol A!