Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Her first set of key
Here is an image of one of the new and amazing things that have happened at our home....Katrina's first set of car keys! What a two fold blessing, one that scares me half to death and one that has given me great help in the never ending shuttling of children to and from activities. Since Rick travels often and for great lengths of time, the transportation of the kids from their many activities has always been on my shoulders....well now I have a helper. Today Katrina packed Emma Sage in the car to drive Otto to fall ball....what a delight for me! [and yes, I said a prayer the whole time that they arrived safely back home.]


mum2brady said...

Whooo hoooo - how fun for Katrina :) My oldest already has her key chain and is just waiting for a car and some keys to go with it LOL I'm with you on being both excited and afraid - although I think excited for the help will win out over being nervous for her driving all alone!

Debra said...

It is so true...both such a help and a relief and still a fear everytime they are late or go somewhere. I have five now that have thier keys and one next month. That one scares me more as she seems to like to look around and talk as she drives. YIKES..

Hugs Debra and Hope