Sunday, July 23, 2006

In Loving Memory

A dear friend lost his father today......after Emma Sage and I had been out playing & taking angel pictures our friend 'Uncle Marty' came by to tell me that our friend Peter's [a long-time, dear friend of mine and Rick's Best friend] father was not doing well....Emma Sage loves her Uncle Marty and he watched us finish up our pictures and then brought Emma Sage up to his house to pick raspberries and go swimming...I think it was to bring some sunshine into a sad day. This child has a way of creating peaceful moments in others. We had a cook-out at Uncle Marty and Aunt Dawn's and watched fireworks....when the fireworks were over and we were all heading home, Rick got the phone call that we all knew was coming. Peter's father had passed on. Again, I happened to have a series of pictures of my sweet little girl taken on the same day as a freinds me, it is a reminder of how this little girl touches my heart and soul and makes me realize that everyday is a blessing and their is nothing more important in life than family and friends.

Father, Father, hold me now,I long to feel your touch.Father, Father, my heart weeps still,I miss you so very much.I miss your warmth, I miss your smile,I miss your gentle guiding hand.You taught how to hold a bat,When to walk, to run, to stand.You offered such acceptance,Always let me be who I am,Never questioning my decisions,You helped me become a man.You were ill when I arrived,At the start it brought us close,Often nursing me off to sleep,I was much luckier than most.To this day, I rejoice my fortune,Knowing I was a lucky one;To be born of a loving and gentle man,Who reached out and touched his son.Father, Father, hold me David Higgins, 2000


In Loving Memory of Peter T. Brown.
Emma Sage and Uncle Marty
Emma Sage and Uncle Marty,,,sharing a sweet moment.


mum2brady said...

I'm so sorry for Peter's loss - his family will be in our prayers. It looks like Uncle Marty and Miss ES just adore each other. I loved all the pictures - they are beautiful....

Michelle said...

I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your dear friend's father.

What beautiful photos these are though!