Sunday, June 11, 2006

Taking her Kitty out for a stroll......

Walking her baby kitty
So guess who is having way too much fun with the kittens.......

Emma Sage is going to be so sad in two weeks when they head off to their new homes....good thing is, these are well loved and cared for kittens, who will adore people.

We actually had more takers than kittens. Momma Kitty [she was a stray we had rescued] will be heading to the Vets after the last one leaves so there will be no more litters of kittens.

But it was such a great experience for all the children,,,,Greta was present at the birth [seems like Midwifery is truly her calling and what she wants to major in at college]....and Emma Sage is having the best time playing with and caring for the whole litter.
This one is Emma Sage's favorite
Look what I have
Kitty is saying "I don't like to be held this way"


Michelle said...

The one with her and the stroller is too precious!! You were a great taker for those kitties Miss Emma Sage...caring and loving them until they could go to good homes. Sweet, sweet pictures!

Tammy and Parker said...

TM, your pictures and your subject are truly beautiful.

I am still interested about your decision to homeschool Emma Sage.

Cathy said...

Great pictures! The kitties are adorable, as is Emma Sage (as always!).

mum2brady said...

Ahhhh tooo cute! I love the one with the stroller too :) Emma Sage is too darling!