Thursday, June 01, 2006

Otto's 10th Birtday portraits....

Otto really wanted me to take his DECADE Birthday portraits....what fun we had...I also shot a bunch of photographs with my good 35mm....but alas..I have to have them developed.

I loved this whole grown-up...yet still a little boy!!!!


My creation

Do you remember when you turned a whole decade?


Dani said...

I love your blog. You take the most gorgeous photos of your children. Take care! Dani

Kari said...

Otto is such a handsome boy/little man. The pictures are wonderful. ~Happy Birthday Otto~

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Otto! What great portraits you did of your handsome son Tara Marie!

I do remember turning a had significance for meant I could finally get my dependent military ID card! (kids get them when they are 10). I remember so well the day my dad came to get me and said we're going to get your ID card...I felt so grown up!

Naomi said...

Happy birthday Otto! Reaching double figures is wonderful.

The only thing I remember about turning 10 is that I was finally at the age where I was allowed to get my ears pierced.