Friday, June 02, 2006

Meet Urtle....Mr. Turtle!

The children and I found a painted turtle the other day when we were out at the back swingset [it is on another part of our property that is away from the house and near the pond's like our hide-away play spot] where we usually take snacks and pretend we are going 'camping'.

So of coarse we named him 'Urtle...Mr. Turtle' and brought him up to the house to exaime for the day. We made him a little home in a big tub, got him grass and other clippings, made him a little dish pond and watched him.

We got out our favorite book 'Old Turtle' by Douglas Wood and illustrated by Cheng-Khee Chee [if you have never read 'Old Turtle' I highly recommended for all all children of all ages, especially those of us in our 30,40, it is a message that we all need to remember].

During naptime I got on the Internet and found some wonderful turtle facts and later in the day we learned about the life of a painted turtle....and then we got out construction paper, sissors, glue sticks and [used our fine motor skills] and made our own collages of a turtle in the grass. What fun!

Later that night Rick and Emma Sage brought 'Urtle...Mr. Turtle' back to the pond area and thanked him for visiting with us [and putting up with lots of little hands touching him [[don't forget, if you ever touch a turtle make sure you wash your hands real well afterwards]].

Here are a few pictures from our 'Urtle...Mr. Turtle' visit.

Here is Emma Sage checking out Mr. Turtle...or otherwise known as 'Urtle' lol!

Woah....look Mom, his head disappears!

Yup...that's a painted turtle for sure!!!

Hey Urtle.....can you stick out your tongue like this??!!??

Lucy checking out Mr. Turtle.....Lucy is actually the one who found 'Urtle' for us...she started backing at the thicket and we knew a creature must be in there.....and look what she found!

Urtle...Mr. Turtle's only portrait! [except the children made beautiful versions of him out of tissue and construction paper]

Saying Good-Bye.....Emma Sage and Daddy walking down to the pond to set Urtle.....Mr. Turtle free.

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Michelle said...

What a fun day that was with learning all about turtles!