Saturday, May 06, 2006

My top most interesting photographs on

My creation
This is quite exciting for me, as all of these photographs I have taken were chosen on the day they were uploaded to as part of the top 500 most interesting photographs on that day.

Photography has always been a passion of mine. When I was a real little girl my Uncle Johnny had a camera [a real camera to me] and would take photographs and I would watch as he checked the lighting, the composition, etc.....and then I fell in love with National Geographic Magazine at the ripe old age of four and was mezmerized by the art of photography. In high school I took photography and darkroom classes and my love and passion for photography was solidifid.........and now with four children to capture on film,,,,,,my passion is still alive and vibrant.

My dream is to purchase a digital SLR soon,,,,,as the digital I have now has such a long lag time and my 35mm SLR I love [got it as a graducation gift from high school from my first love] is so expensive to buy the film, develop and have copied onto CD so I can use it for my blog, scrapbooking,,,etc.

Anyway.....long ramble to share with you my excitement. I know three of the chosen photographs are the same shot [I used different post processing with original lightening and color, difused coloring and turned it into B&W] it is neat for me to see that the orginal composition was admired so much that as I played with the processing it was chosen on different days as the top 500. cause what you see here is truly a part of my heart and soul in photographs.


Michelle said...

I love all the photos you take - you capture the true essence of whatever subject you are photographing and I'm so glad you're able to share this talent with the world!

Miss Magic said...

Tara, I can feel your beaming and joy! congrats my dear and talented friend!

Hugs, Carol

Kris said...

I love your photos! Beautiful and well done on! I see you are interested in a digital SLR too...I would love to upgrade myself. (My camera that is...hehehe).


Tara Marie said...

Thank you so very much Michelle, Carol and heart and soul are truly in these photographs,,,,and you all know the greatest joy for me [besides having my photographic ability recognized and highlighted] is the fact that each one of these top photographs contained the image of trisomy21 and thus, allowing thousands and thousands of people from around the world to 'subconsciously' view T21 as an art form.