Friday, May 05, 2006

"Live each season as it passes......"

"Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each." ~Henry David Thoreau

Time is just slipping, slipping away.....and our days are filled from start to finish, but I am making sure we are celebrating the season, breathing in the air [which the last few days has been thick with the scent of Lilacs.....ahhhhh!], drinking the drink [my choice these days is water, lots and lots of water], tasting the fruit [which as been delightful because so many different fruits have been in season and very reasonable at the market,,,,,and resigning myself to the influences of each......for me, it has been the influences of each one of my children.

A quick update:

Katrina is busy with Peer Mentoring and organizing the PALS 2006 Convention which is going to be tomorrow. We set up the Rescue Squad this evening...the theme is a Luau, and Emma Sage was quite excited to help the teenagers [I think she thinks she is going to be 15 next week, not 5!].

Greta is busy with Track and helping her sister with PALS.....she has broken her personal best records all season and has been running Varsity as a Freshman....she has quite a nice collection of metals piling up [[[again, Emma Sage thinks this is so cool as she pretends she is an Olympian]

Otto is busy with BoyScouts, Baseball and Track......and yes, I'm one tired Momma getting to and from all his activities.

and Little Miss.......she is just a delight. She knows her address and phone number by heart now and loves to share that fact with you. She is quite interested in comparissons,,,,and I laugh all day long on her comments, like this evening in the car I hear "A small house, A big house, A small house, a bigger house,,,wow, a really big house, a small house.........." or this one " I love Greta, I really love Greta, I love Greta More, I love Greta the Most"..........of coarse that made Greta's evening [and please don't tell Katrina! lol!! it is a game of Emma Sage's to respond to Katrina's questions of "Who do you love?" and Emma Sage says "Greta" laughing cause she knows it makes Katrina crazy!

and that is about it.....Daddy has been home and busy getting the property cleaned up and it is starting to look so good, everything green and blooming.

and I'm "Living each season as it passes".....and living it to the fullest!


Kari said...

Beautifully written! I really love the way you express yourself. Now those are alot of activities and you are one busy Mommy. Your Emma Sage cracks me up! The things that girls says are so funny. My favorite still is "That's one big car" hehe

Anonymous said...

Oh momma-you are busy!

Emma Sage is one up on CJ, he knows our phone number but our address is just sooooo long. He does know the name of our apartment, city, and state. Guess I need to get going on the physical address :)