Friday, April 07, 2006


Originally uploaded by joopbloem_suys.
I belong to a group on that is titled 'Show Us Your Style' where other photo-enthusists work on you photograph. I had asked for help with this one [posted below] and I am so pleased with the effect that 'joopbloem suys' did on this photograph of Little Miss Congeniality crashed after her big 'Spring Concert' evening last night. Thanks, 'joopbloem suys'


Michelle said...

What a beautiful editing job on this photo - I love it. She looks so peaceful and serene. She sure did have a long day!

snowblog said...

I love this photo. She looks just like the angel that she is. Sounds like she had a very busy day!

Good night, sweet pea!


Kari said...

Sweet she is. I adore sleeping Angel pictures. Sounds like she sure did have a big day.

Anonymous said...

What an angel-sleeping peacefully-deep in her slumber-dreaming happy thoughts.

I really like this photo!

Naomi said...

What a beautiful picture, I love the softness.