Friday, April 07, 2006

Miss Congeniality

Congeniality: 2. Of a pleasant disposition; friendly and sociable:

That is the best title for Little Miss Emma Sage.....Miss Congeniality.

After last nights Spring Open House at school, we walked away from the event with a heart full of pride and joy for our little girl. She is truly a good-will ambassador, a real Miss Congeniality.

There was not one person that did not wave to her,,,not one child who did not come right up to her and say "Hello" and in Otto's classroom, there was a room full of 4th grade girls who were just so giddy and excited to be 'hanging out' with Little Miss.

and of coarse, she was only too happy to respond with a smile, a giggle, a wave, a blown-kiss.

When we were heading down the hall to the auditorium for the concert, Emma Sage walked the blue line.....little Miss Independence. She had to tell us "I know where to go, you follow me" She waved to teachers and parents and children that all passed her way. She said "Hello Kornegay" to the principal, as she strutted by with her Nana, Momma, Katrina, Greta and Isabel all in tow.

At the performance, she had her own seat, but decided that it would be more fun to sit with her brothers bestfriends Dad [who adores her] and help him take pictures. She clapped, she cheered and at one point [of quietness] you hear a joyful cheer 'Yeah Otto'........

So I am officially dubbing her Miss Congeniality today, as the title fits her quite well.

and if you scroll down below you can find my little girl crashed on the couch after we got back is hard work being Miss Congeniality!


Michelle said...

What a perfect title for your little Miss! I think it fits her to a T!

Kari said...

Yes I agree fabulous name for her. I enjoy reading your blog so much Emma Sage is so precious. I love her personality.