Friday, March 24, 2006

The normalacy of being different

We are all different....we are all unique.

I have this blog for my daughter to share our life in words and share the 'normalacy' of being different.

I have a blog for each of my four children.....they are all unique, they are all different, they are my special gifts and I celebrate them, their days, their lives.

But there is a special focus of this blog,,,,because Emma Sage was born with an extra chromosome on her 21st pair, she is different, but in a way that society for way too long has deemed 'different', as in bad, wrong, abnormal, as not worthy of life, or if alive, tucked away, out of sight, out of mind'.....a different that is slowly changing, but still riddled with stereo-types and negative, the special focus of my blog is to share our show others that those 'assumptions', 'stereo-types', 'biases'......are not a healthy way to look at another human being.

Always Chaos shared a link on her blog from an article titled: Please see my child as a child, not a condition, By Helen Middlebrooke ~ For Pacific Sunday News and this article really touched me because I want that same world...a world that see's Emma Sage as just that, Emma Sage [who happens to be sporting an extra chromosome,,,,but who cares...she is Emma Sage, and that is what/who/why I have this that those of you who stop by for a visit get to see my littlest girl....a little girl who loves her life, is so funny and silly, so inquisitive and spirited and truly a blessing in our life.

The normalacy of being different. We are all different,,,,we are all unique!

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Anonymous said...

Kudos to you Tara Marie-this post is so well written-and of course so true!