Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mommy, you tired?

"Mommy, you tired?".......asks Emma Sage

"Yes, sweet-heart, Mommy is very tired" I reply

"Oh Mommy, you need a nap!" answers my sweet-heart

Emma Sage takes my hand and leads me to my room to bed,,,

"Now lay down, sweet-dreams Mommy" says Emma Sage with the biggest smile on her face

"I make dinner, you sleep!"

Ah,,,,,if I only could have taken that nap that my little 'Sage' so wisely knew that I needed.

I worked my way through the rest of our day and now I'm about to read a bit of my book and reach those 'sweet-dreams' that my little girl wished me so many hours ago.

Days have been very full of late, Rick has been traveling non-stop for a long time now.

We are busy with life and getting ready to welcome our German Exchange Student next of coarse I have one-to-many projects that I wanted to get completed before Isabelle arrives and we can spend all of our free time showing her our little Hamlet here in America.

Sweet-dreams to all......

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Michelle said...

Oh Miss Emma Sage you are just too sweet! You can tell how empathetic she is to others - from the concern for Greta getting hurt at track and realizing mommy was tired! What a wonderful quality to have. Sorry ES isn't quite old enough to fix dinner yet! But enjoy those sweet dreams tonight TM!