Friday, February 17, 2006

Yup....she is destined to be an Olympian....

Emma Sage is in love.....In Love with the Winter Olympics.

She watches with great intent...she says "I want to do! to every event, she is going to be a skiier, a snowboarder, a bobsleder [which she told us she already is cause of her brief experience this week with our sledding run....see pictures below] and an ice skater.

The Ice Skating really has caught her fancy...she twirls and puts her leg up behind her as she is watching....she is skating on the carpet....and I give her a 10!

Last night this is what I hear from Emma Sage....

"Oh,,,,Oh,,,,Ah,,,,,Wow,,,,,,Amazing.....Mommy come look!"

so I had to pry myself from the shirts I was ironing and 'go look'....and there she was wathcing a skating routine and she was grinning from ear to ear because the performance had truly moved her!

Ah, to be a child again and hold the dream of future Olympics!

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