Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sharing the Joy.....

Sharing the Joy.....

Gabriel's Angels Network

Please visit this beautiful website to read an very poignant and beautiful message.

The main reason I have this blog and Emma Sage's website is to share the magic, the wonder, the joy and the incredible journey of Mothering a child that is blessed with a little extra, chromosome that is, on her 21st pair.

On the back of my car I have a bumper says 'Change the World....Nurture a Child'

This goes for all children......we need to accept and embrace and nurture and love every single child in this world. Our children are our future....they are also a reflection of our humanity. Think about a world that is slowly 'weeding out' those children that society deems as 'less worthy of life'?

So,,,,,my long ramble to recommend a website......Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I just emailed you this link, before I realized you already had a post about it. Great minds think alike LOL!