Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A funny.....

At dance class on Monday evening, Emma Sage and her classmates are busy working on their dance routine for their recital.

Ms. Denise was working through their little duo parts, where two girls each come front and center and work on ballet moves and then bor'a' [spelling] back to the group.

Emma Sage, Kaity and Claudia [they are the three four year olds in the class] are signaled to come front and center....Emma Sage being in the center of the three.

Their steps are 1st positon open to 2nd,,,with their arms moving in the right manner, repeated. Then Tandu's [again spelling] and circle arms to the side and pose, circle to the side and pose.

After reviewing the steps with all the groups of girls they are doing a quick run through.

All the bigger girls move front and center, do their spot and then bor'a' back.....and it is the last little three......they bor'a' front and center [which is too darn cute] and get there and look at Ms. Denise.....who says to Emma Sage.....

"Emma Sage, what do we do now?" asks Ms Denise

"We do ballet" is Miss Emma Sage's response....

Ms. Denise just cracks up and says 'Yes, we do ballet,,,,but what steps in ballet do we do?'

to which Emma Sage runs through the little bit and then her friends join in and perform.

and the whole time this Momma is looking at her little girl and the other precious ballerina's with such joy in her heart and laugher on her lips!

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