Friday, January 20, 2006

Wow, where had the time gone? It has been a whole week since I posted and it actually seems like a month [I guess there are just too many things going on in such a short amount of time that time is just slipping away from me]. This is some of the fun that Emma Sage and her daily friends have been having. The weather has been crazy and running havoac on everyone. Two weeks ago we spent every day outside at various parks [that is the fun thing we like to do....we check out parks and then the kids rate the ones they like the best]....then last week old man winter returned and it was cold outside, so we ventured to the library and did lots of fun indoor activities. I've been flying solo of late and between these four and my own four, this is one tired Momma [not to mention I threw out my neck and have been in complete pain....makes you really appreciate the times when you have total health and not an ache or pain anywhere.  Posted by Picasa

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