Friday, January 13, 2006

The little stream that flowed under the foot bridge that Emma Sage was looking over below.....we are truly blessed to have so many incredible parks and enchanted places to play and explore every day.....I love bits of green in the middle of winter. The weather has been unseasonably warm this week and we are taking full advantage of getting outdoors and playing and exploring. This is at Voorhees State Park [right across the street from Katrina and Greta's high school] and where we held Emma Sage's birthday party....there are so many little streams in the park and ponds and foot bridges that we just have a blast checking things out..... Posted by Picasa

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Beanie Baby said...

I got my present today--and it was awesome! Thanks so much. You are so thoughtful.

I'll be putting up my post about it in a day or two (which reminds me to remind you to post the photos of what you got!).