Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Ringer...and laughing!?!

In an L.A. Times review, Joel Stein takes a look at the new Farelly Brothers movie called 'The Ringer'.

Joel Stein, Breaking the last laugh barrier, December 13, 200...............LAUGHING AT people with mental disabilities, I vaguely remember being told as a child, was wrong. I didn't ask a lot of questions about this rule............

I remember being told the same thing.............actually, I remember being told that laughing about race, creed, disabilities, etc. was not funny and offensive, and I just don't laugh at or participate in mean, hurtful jokes [they are just not funny to me].

But everyday I laugh at the antics of a very funny, comical, improvisational.............and extremely witty four year old who also happens to have a mental disability [or so we are told she has because of her extra chromosome on her 21st pair ~ but to us it really isn't apparent that our daughter is 'retarded...............she is just Emma Sage, although the outside world is quick to label her as such].

So here is my quagmire,,,,,,,,I laugh with and at my daughter [the one labeled with a disability by society].................I laugh with and at all of my children when they are being funny and comical. I don't see a line of distinction between 'Nini' who is so much like Emma Sage in the way they love to make jokes..............the two of them are like 'Lucy and Ethel' [see picture below] and this commentary has me thinking about myself and my daughter.

I am planning on going to see 'The Ringer' on Christmas day.....and I plan on laughing if it is funny, not because I see some of the actors and actresses as having a disability and thus the reason to laugh at/with them......I will laugh if it is comical, just as I do for all comedy that tickles my funny-bone.


Sarahlynn said...

I don't know. This movie could be a really good thing, or a really bad thing.

The Farrelly brothers aren't known for their sensitivity on difficult issues like this. In Something About Mary, there was one "retarded" joke after another until I left. It's the only time I've ever left in the middle of a movie.

So while I think that a movie like this could be very good and very hilarious, I don't trust these filmakers to do the job respectfully. I hope that I am wrong.

Tara Marie said...

I know Sarahlyn....I'm very skeptical on this movie...and more so that the Special Olympics and the NDSS have already given their approval of the movie.

I'm praying I get to laugh at great comedy....not offensive slams at the cost of other humanbeings dignity

Belovedlife said...

Let us know what you thought! I'll be waiting to hear your review before I go see it.