Saturday, December 17, 2005

I love school.....

I love school................I love school and other observations from Miss Emma Sage.

Otto and Emma Sage and sitting at the table having a snack and chatting with me. Otto tells me that he loves school,,,,to which Emma Sage pipes in and says.

"I love school too!"

I reply,,,,,"You do,,,,that is great, Why?"

and Emma Sage continues "I love school, everyone waves and says 'Hi Emma Sage, Hi Emma, Hi Emma Sage"" as she procedes to show us with her little hand up waving at people and saying the 'hi!'

too cute, she loves school because everyone is friendly to her and says hello! [which is such a wonderful and delightful thing!]

another quip:

"Mommy, we go see Baby Griffin?" asks Emma Sage

[It has been so bitter cold so our walks are not towards the graveyard and not as often as when the weather is good]

"Ok, we can go later when we go out in the car"

"No Mommy, I walk to heaven and see GOD and Griffin"

[this just melts my heart because she is still so aware of her Aunts loss and she truly believes that the graveyard is Heaven and that GOD is right there with Baby Griffin ~ which I believe is true]

At the 'Make-it and Take-it' last weekend.

Greta is walking Emma Sage to the bathroom and a group of girls are in the hallway and see them approaching them.

Greta says she hears:

"Look, there is Otto's little sister, she 'smiles' for Toys R Us".........a few whispers and looks and then "and look how beautiful his big sister is..........I bet you she 'smiles' for Toys R Us too!"

[How cute is little girl is a famous model 'smiler' in our community!]

and lastly......

Our days have been filled with such joy and happiness. Emma Sage is loving Christmas and the decorating and music and baking. She has been just so giddy & giggly & and singing non-stop.....and watching the 'Polar Express' with wide-eyes and expression [she knows all the lines and songs and comments right along with the movie and sings 'Hot Chocolate' with such gusto! ~~not to mention all the tap dancing she does along with it!!!! ]

This child is just so magical and brings such joy to my heart! We are truly blessed by the grace that is Miss Emma Sage!

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Naomi said...

Oh I love the "she smiles for toys r us" comment.