Thursday, November 10, 2005

My little statistician

My little is funny to watch, but Miss Emma Sage just loves to count, classify and group items by numerical order. I say it is funny, because everything I have read about Trisomy 21 always allude to the fact that people with T21 tend to not have an analytical ~ mathematical mind. So when Emma Sage is matching and counting things that are the same or [similar........that is her newest favorite thing to classify] I just smile.............encouraging her in this skill of numbers and order.

One thing that I have done from an early age with Emma Sage is to use rhythm and beats,,,,with the thoughts of helping her articulate and expanded her sentences. This counting and patterning has now transferred over to her counting and grouping of objects.

She will noticed that you have a turtle-neck on like her,,,and exclaim 'Two turtlenecks,,1,2, that's the same' or three girls and two boys, she will group them and count them. All day long she is busy identifying, grouping and counting.

Another area of math that she is getting a grasp on his measurements as it relates to cooking. The box items these days are wonderful because the have pictures of exactly what you need and I can give Emma Sage a box of Krusteaze Lemon Bar mix and tell her, go get what we need, and she will get the right number of eggs [Ok,,,,this has been a big stretch of letting go because we have ended up with a few eggs broken on the floor by the refridge.] She then knows how to match the [1/4, 1/3, 1/2 etc.] measurement written and shown on the box with the measuring cups in the baking drawer, she will find the right match and then I help her pour the water, milk or oil into the measuring cup to finish her baking project. This is such a fun matching game and she is learning to bake in the process!

It just cracks me up........maybe she'll grow up and work with an accountant?

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angie said...

I love to read about Emma Sage. I have an Emma also! I think the wonderful personality must come with the name...every Emma I know is just amazing!!