Friday, November 11, 2005

Guess what we did today?

Guess what we did today?

Yup, my little model was at it again! Today we headed to a new studio to participate in a photo shoot for Toys R Us.

Boy did Emma Sage have a blast! It was a photo shoot with a whole group of children [ten to be exact] and they dressed in summer wear and got to play on a really neat swing set! There was even a pretend Dad! Emma Sage thought that was funny!

First picture is of my little princess waking up from the car drive, we left the house at 7am [way before her waking time, so this stretch was just precious!]

Next is a picture of Emma Sage getting her hair done [a bit blurry, sorry],,,,,,this is one of the most favorite things about this whole experience for her, and she just LOVES having her hair and make-up done.

She did incredibly well, she actually was away from me for the whole hour of photos, and I heard lots of praise for her, and when Sally brought her back out from the shoot she told Greta that she did amazingly well and was just precious. I’m still trying to figure out how they got that many children to look and smile at the right time to get an ad [but they did].

We work with a wonderful agency, and the set designers, stylist, photo assistances and photographer we all great!

Hopefully, Emma Sage will get many more bookings because she truly lights up and is such a little social butterfly at these photo shoots!

Here is a link to her first photo session last year. Click on this link to the Toys R Us catalog and Emma Sage is on page 18,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and check in this Sunday's Toys R Us catalog as she should be starting to appear from the photo shoots she did late this summer and early fall!


Belovedlife said...

HOw adorable!!!!!!! Emma SAge is a doll. I'd buy that sweeper just because she's so cute. Congrat's on the successful shoot. ANd way cool re: the times square board.

angie said...

WOW!! She is beautiful...and her hair has grown SO much in a year!