Sunday, September 18, 2005

Murphy's Law.....

Murphy's Law ~ Whatever can Happen, Will Happen.

You know, it is a good thing I'm part Irish, as I wouldn't be so keen on the humor of Murphy's Law if I was not.

Of coarse Rick is away, and a pipe starts to leak. I'm getting real good at fixing these things.....and actually it is not an unpleasant process at all. I love copper.

Other than that, we will be busy, busy today.

The day has started out magnificantly,,,,,,the sunrise was incredible,,,,the colors just so soothing. The day is drier [much less humidity that yesterday] and the sun is shining brightly.

So on this glorious Sunday we head forth to celebrate a day without a care in the world.....lots of little chores to complete to keep our hands, minds and body's busy, and my children with me to make my load light [and happy and gay with their delightful conversations]

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