Saturday, September 17, 2005

Fate, Destiny & Happenstance......

Fate, Destiny & Happenstance........

Today was a warm, a bit muggy, but beautiful fall day. A few raindrops fell, but it was the delicious warm kind of rain that sooths the skin on a muggy day, and we are desperately in need of the rain here in Hunterdon County.

I got up early with Otto and his cousin Mikey and took them into Califon to have a garage sale at their friends house [town-wide tag sales, so lots of customers....that we would never get down our out of the way lane]. Helped the boys set up and was very happy to see how well they handled the 'pushy' dealers that were roaming about town at the crack of dawn.

I then hit a sale that I got a bunch of neat treasures at,,,,,some old wrought iron garden trellis's, planters and a beautiful lace table cloth.

Headed home to pick up Katrina and bring her down to the orchard for work......[this is where the 'Fate, Destiny & Happenstance' of our day occurred].

Returned to check on the boys [they had made $35.00 bucks since I had left them], then went back home to get Emma Sage from Greta and take her back to pick-up Otto to take him to his soccer game. We watched the game [tie 2-2] and had bagels and juice and cheered Otto and his team-mates on.

We then took Otto back to town to pick-up with Mikey the selling of wares and stopped by to ask Katrina what she wanted for lunch. Emma Sage and I went into the barn and watched off in the distance Katrina busy at work behind the counter [this was only her second day of official work] and it was jammed-packed. She was bright, quick, polite and looked like she had been working for years! [proud Momma moment here]........when she noticed us over in the corner [by the eggplants] she smiled and said 'Hello' which Emma Sage ran excitedly over to her big sis and gave her a hug and kiss.

At that moment I met Katrina's co-worker, a beautiful young woman named Amanda. Emma Sage and I said 'Hello' and she told me [with this great big smile on her face] that she had a younger brother who was also four. I told her that was wonderful and how lucky she and Katrina were to have younger siblings. We got Katrina's order: Turkey, American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo and Vinegar on a hard roll and a Snapple raspberry tea. We said good-by and left.

Went home to see if Greta wanted to come with us. She did. We headed to Rambo's Meat Market to get the sandwich and breakfast sausage for tomorrow morning. Passed the boys and tooted the horn. They were busy with lots of customers. They were selling at their friend Roberts [Claudia whom I baby-sit for, big brother] and the house is also a coffee shop so there is a big driveway and porch and lots of shoppers to view their wares.

Brought the lunch to Katrina and Greta, Emma Sage and I decided to go out for pizza and a salad. After lunch we checked in on the boys and then headed garden, laundry and clean.

Later in the day we went to go collect our salesmen, take Mikey home, get ready for the steak dinner at the church, go pick up Katrina from work and get Otto ready to go with our neighbors to the Somerset Patriots baseball game and fireworks [lucky little boy!]. Paused at home for a brief bit, then had to take Katrina to her friend Katie's for a sleepover.....but this brief pause was when we got to hear about Fate, Destiny & Happenstance.

Katrina said that in the morning at work she and her co-workers were looking at the schedule and she realized that she was on for Sunday the 25th. She told her co-workers that when she was hired she had told her boss that she needed that one day off because she had to attend a Buddy Walk in NYC........her co-workers asked her "What is a Buddy Walk" and Katrina told them it was a walk to raise awareness about Down syndrome. Katrina's co-worker Amanda says "My little brother has Down syndrome, who do you know that has Down syndrome?" and Katrina said ~ she got chills hearing this and smiled and said "My little sister has Down syndrome" and she said they both laughed a laugh, of like, they both knew this incredible secret.

So.......when I had walked in with Emma Sage later that morning, Amanda was so excited to see Emma Sage and now I realize the reason her smile was so bright, beautiful and full of joy.

Then later that afternoon, Katrina got to meet Amanda's little brother as he came with her family to pick apples!

So now we have to get these two little siblings together to meet each other!!

Fate, Destiny & Happenstance!

Whew.........and to think there were more silly details of our day today [but I spared you all from reading them! lol!]

I'm going to head into bed right now and finish my book that I'm reading and get some rest as my 'To Do' list didn't even get a dent put in it due to the running around we did today.......but that is OK,,,,,,we had such a grand time while 'on the run!'

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CJ said...

Brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful story.