Sunday, August 21, 2005


Ok, this is what I want to know ~ Where can I sign up for,"I need a good-fairy [dot] com?"

Life has been throwing me lemons and I have to tell you, after making lots of lemon-aid, iced tea with lemons, lemon Meringue pie and lemon drops,,,,my lips are starting to pucker and it is getting pretty darn hard to turn anything positive and happy with all the 'little things' that are just popping up around here [as quickly as the weeds are].

I have to moan, and very rarely do, but tonight was just a bit too much for me. Rick is traveling again [been gone for two weeks and counting] and it seems that it is just raining lemons here.

So I figure the best medicine for me is to write it down, laugh out loud about it, and go get some shut-eye and tomorrow will be a bright and sunny [and humid free] and lemon-event free day.

The pipes have been leaking. Rick fixed one with a 'quick fix' right before he left,,,,,I've had to fix it two additional times, tonight being hopefully the last. It was streaming out of my clamps and I removed them, retightened and I pray that I don't wake up to a flood in the basement. Another [pisser, I call them] popped up the day after he left............I'm getting good at these temporary fixes and [knock on wood] the one I fixed by the hot water heater is still nice and dry. **Good-fairy [dot] com, please wave your wand over my pipes and let the water stay in them and no come leaking out of them.**

The washer a great new washer [no lemons here!,,,but an unexpected dent in the pocketbook]. **Good-fairy [dot] come, I love my new washer, does a great job and really wrings the water out so my poor dryer doesn't have to work as my wish here is that you can wave your magic wand over my dry so it has a nice long life**

The Oven caught fire tonight [thank you Katrina for noticing it, or I might be homeless]. The bottom element must have shorted out, because it burnt up in a section and is now useless [Rick said he'd go get a new heating element when he returned, so I have no clue how much of a dent in the pocketbook that lemon will be]. I have been hoping to get a new oven in a year or two and pray I don't have to do it right now. **so Good-fairy [dot] com, please let this be fixable**

The filter on the pool isn't working right,,,,,,,so I am battling cleaning the pool. **Good-fairy [dot] com, please wave your wand over my pool so it is sparkling blue and crystal clear.

Good-fairy [dot]com,,,,my car is making funny noises. Please wave your wand over it and let it be like the Ever-Ready bunny and keep going and going. I have 210,000 miles on my car and I need to get two more years out of it. Then I can scale down and buy a nice used, energy efficient smaller make. On a good note, my wipers have been working since my mother's neighbor came out in the pouring rain to help me. Thank you neighbor, you are the magic wand that really helped me out during this season of raining lemons.

Now this is really gross, but Good-fairy [dot] com, can you take the stench of dead mouse out of my closet? I am working real hard on doing this myself, but I'm at my wits end.

And I guess I need to quite my whining, because as I sit here and think about all the other lemons…..they are so small and insignificant and just little things that make me really appreciate the fact that they are little things.

So I guess my last wish for you, Good-fairy [dot] com is to continue waving that wand over me and my family [as you seem to have already been doing right along] and I thank you for letting my lemons be small and bright yellow, and with just enough sour to mix beautifully with sugar and water to make such a refreshing drink on these hot, humid, unpredictable summer days.


BStrong said...

I felt the need to post something here, but I honestly don't know what to say. Hang in there, call the plumber, pool guy, mechanic, appliance technician, and kick back and enjoy while the house is humming like a fine tuned engine. Just don't tell Rick that I told you to do all those things because I fear that he will hunt me down and torture me.


Find a nice quiet spot somewhere, away from everyone, like the basement or a closet,and scream bloody hell for about a minute. Trust me, it works and everything will be fine. Just make sure that all the windows and doors are shut or you will have law enforcement on your door step. If it doesn't work you'll have to go to the drug store and buy yourself some throat lozenges.

Take comfort in the fact that we have all been there.


Tara Marie said...

LOL! Thank you Brian,,,,that is exactly what I needed to hear.

I so would love to call all those handi-people....that would really be a *Good-fairy[dot]com wish.

Today the sun was shining and the humidity broke and to my amazement, nothing new broke at home!

I got the lawns closest to the house mowed, the fields and pond areas will have to wait till Rick gets home [cause he would wring my neck if I did anything to his new farmall tractor].

Emma Sage was her delightful self and we went to the river to feed the ducks!

Thanks for sharing in my moment of [coming apart at the seams!].

and I do love the screaming at the top of my lungs locked in the closet idea!