Saturday, August 20, 2005

A 30th Wedding Celebration

Life has been very full of late............absolutely wonderful, but very busy days. I have not had time to write, reflect, or let alone even stop to catch my breath for days.

Today I had that opportunity to jump off the 'merry-go-round' of day to day life and spend time with family.

It was such a welcome break,,,,and a celebration that was so special and wonderful.

My cousin Fred [I've always adored Fred] and his beautiful wife Sandy celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary.

It was a surprise,,,,and their daughters pulled it off, they were surprised!!!!! The location was the same hall that 30 years earlier the came with family and friends to celebrate their joining of hearts and hands.

The girls decorated the hall beautifully and many of the items were saved from the wedding and were placed in the exact spots they had on their wedding day!

The photo collages and albums were wonderful.........looking back, to where we were, and the journey in pictures to where were are today. It was bittersweet at times, to see pictures of family that have returned home to GOD, but the joy, the smiles, the memories were so soothing and comforting as I glanced through the pictures.

There is one picture that is truly is of Fred and Sandy [happily smiling from their car leaving the church newly married] and my dear brother Kenny is looking in at them through the window,,,,,,It was like Kenny was there with me today. I miss him so very much and it was like he was looking in that window, through the picture at me.

The food was delicious [everyone brought a covered dish, and in my family of farmers and good cooks,,,,the food was freshly grown, freshly prepared and just too darn yummy!],,,,,the fellowship was inspirational,,,,,and the music was magical [thanks Nora].

Emma Sage just adored the whole day. She laughed, giggled, smiled, took a little break, danced, ate, drank and was just her merry ol' self.

Today, I am so thankful, for family,,,,for the special times that we get-together to celebrate,,,who we are,,,,where we have been,,,,where we are,,,,and know that where ever our lives journey's take us in the future,,,,our family will be there, stopping from the merry-go-round of their daily lives, to come out and reflect,,,,,,and celebrate the magic of family.

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Aunt Beth said...

Hi from Florida - Your pictures are the next best thing to being there!
Your children are beautiful - I think you must have to use a stick to keep the boys off Katrina!

I waited 63 years to be Nana - it is so worth the wait. Isn't little Miss Bridget a doll?

I have thought a lot about Kenny in the past week - your thoughts of him are beautiful. One of my son's very best friends since high school decided that it just wasn't worth it any more. At 32 years old he ended his life last Tuesday. When I called earlier today my son was at his friend's house helping the brother "take care of stuff". I can hear in his voice how hard it is for the ones who love the person that makes such a decision.

Please share my thoughts and my love with your Mom and Dad. Although I am quite terrible at staying touch, I think of all of you often.