Monday, April 18, 2005

Talent Show 2005!

Talent Show 2005!

Wow! What an amazing weekend for us. Rick and I got to watch our children participate in their school talent show! Greta and Emma Sage did a dance/gymnastics routine to ‘The Locomotion’ by Grand Funk Railroad and the title of their routine was called ‘My little baby sister’ and it was a tribute from Greta to her sister, as this will be the only year that the two of them are enrolled in the same school system and could participate. It is an under-estimate to say that they brought down the house,,,,but the cheers and roar of the audience was incredible for them after they finished their routine. I had tears streaming down my face as I was just so over-joyed by the love these two share with each other. Katrina was so proud of her sisters bringing friends to the show to watch. Otto and his best friend Michael wrote and performed an original song. All I can say is ‘Absolutely Incredible’! I will pos the lyrics to the song on Otto’s blogspot.

Greta also performed with the 8th grade girls dance team and WOW’d the crowd with her gymnastics skills by performing a few back-handsprings, back-tucks and flips. The girls practices for a long time and their routine was top-notch! What a gift of performing Greta has.

At not even four years old, Emma Sage was incredible on the stage. She knew the whole routine and loved every moment of the show…..what a little show girl we have on our hands. She is quite the little performer and she truly made our hearts soar this weekend.

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