Monday, April 25, 2005

"I'm Tired,,,,I'm so Tired"

There is a character in ‘One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo-Nest’ that walks around and all he says is “I’m tired,,,,,I’m so tired”…..Well, I feel like that character and if I weren’t so darn tired, I’d set off to research who he was or better yet, go check out the movie from the library and watch it to find out the characters name. I don’t know his name, but I sure know his compliant!!! I am one tired Momma.

We had talent show last week,,,,,amazing, exhilarating, wonderful and very moving to watch three of my children up on stage performing. What a way to make a Mother’s heart swell with such love and pride. Greta and Emma Sage did a dance/tumbling routine to the song ‘Locomotion’ by Grand Funk Railroad! To say they brought down the house is an understatement. It was so, so cute and everyone was in awe of our little girl performing on stage, in front of a packed house, with lights, noise and a routine to remember. Remember she did and the performance was one that tugged on every heartstring in the auditorium. Then to make my heart swell larger and my tears to flow a little more, Otto and his pal Mike got on stage and performed an original song that they wrote, both the words and the music and played on their guitars and sang to the audience! Again the crowd roared for those two amazing young boys. [you can read the lyrics on Otto’s blog at ]

Then comes the grand finale’…….the 8th Grade Dance Team, starring 9 talented and wonderful young ladies, including our Greta! Well, these girls had been working hard, practicing a few times a week for a couple of years a night, even over spring break and they got on stage and lit the room up!!! WOW!! Greta can really dance [she has such an air about her up on stage] and then she was able to highlight the routine with her gymnastic skills by doing multiple back-handsprings, and ending with a back tuck and a contortion move. The noise from the audience was deafening! The talent show ended with a beautiful song where the children, one by one, lit a flash light/fiberglass candle… reminded me of the ‘We are the World’ video and was very moving!

So……my kids are tired, but Mommy is doing well until this point.

We go to a tricky tray after the show….lucky kids’ win a few neat baskets and we head home. All this time, poor Katrina is in pain as her hand is swelling from her lacrosse injury on Thursday evening. Rick had taken her to the emergency room on Friday [at her doctors request sent them over from the doctor’s office]. They X-rayed it and sent her home, no pain killers, no cleaning the gash that was on top of the knuckle of the fractured hand, just wrapped in an ace bandage. Well, the poor kid didn’t sleep again on Friday night and was a real trooper all day on Saturday while we got ready for the talent show. We had called the doctor and they were trying to get a hold of the Ortho specialist, no luck, called in a pain killer late afternoon. [to read the rest visit]

So since I’m so tired, I’m going to end this hear and pick up writing the details after I get some sleep.

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