Monday, November 08, 2004

Lazy Autumn Days

The colors went from vivid to dull quite quickly here....but Emma Sage's spirit of the season is still very bright. She loved jumping in the leaves. Otto and Emma Sage would bury each other in the leaves and then pop out giggling! What joy!

Our fall was filled with sports. Katrina's high school field hockey team was undefeated! Katrina had lots of fun on and off the field. Her team mates are such wonderful girls and they seem to get along so well, which is what I believe has given them a winning spirit. We have her end of the season banquet on November 16th and she is so excited to get her 'Undefeated' t-shirt. I know she will treasure that accomplishment throughout her life. Greta's team did well, they were 13-3-1. Greta was the top scorer of her team with 10 goals. She is a speed demon and next year it will be so much fun to see my two big girls playing for the Vikings. Otto had a fun soccer season. He is by far the biggest 8 year old on the field, but what a gentle giant he is. He loved playing goaly, but they really needed him on the front line so he split his playing time in both postions. He scored the first goal of the whole season and assisted on the last goal of the season. Emma Sage loves to watch her siblings play and I know it won't be too long before she is out on the field instead of on the sidelines cheering them on.

Rick has been traveling extensively and the kids love to put pins on the big map we have to show them all the places Daddy has been too. It makes for long days and weeks for me, but the kids are just wonderful and helpful so the time goes by quickly.

Emma Sage has a bit of unsettling news. She has a mass on her neck and we are in the process of finding a diagnosis. She is seeing an ENT and we are scheduled for a sedated CT scan. She had an ultrasound but the test was unconclusive of what we are dealing with so we are working on next steps to find some answers.

Emma Sage is a magical child. She is so sweet and loveable. She is talking up a storm and is asking questions non-stop. This sometimes wears Mommy out, but I am so over joyed at seeing her inquisitive nature and desire to learn about the world around her.

So as a chill comes over the autumn air.....we look forward to all the fun to come as winter arrives, and with it, the magic of the Christmas season!

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