Saturday, November 13, 2004

Blessing our circumstances

"Bless a thing and it will bless you. Curse it and it will curse you....If you bless a situation, it has no power to hurt you, and even if it is troublesome for a time, it will gradually fade out, if you sincerely bless it." ~Emmet Fox

I found this quote and it seemed fitting for the events that we have been faced with over the last few weeks. I have been scared because of the uncertainty, but after reading this quote and sharing thoughts and prayers with friends, I have realized that we need to look at these events as blessings.

Emma Sage has had a lump in her neck that we are in the process of finding out what it might be. She had an ultrasound on 11/2 after seeing an ENT. Dr. Sheft, her ENT, thought the neck mass might be one of two things, a congential cleft cyst or an enlarged lymph node. Unfortunately the ultrasound did not confirm exactly what we are dealing with. It is a solid mass, so a cyst has been ruled out. The radiologist said that he could not confirm if it was a lymph node as it is very large, so our next steps is a sedated CT scan on Wednesday morning 11/17. In the meantime, we had to visit our family doctor to have a physical done so Emma Sage could be cleared to receive the sedation. At the appointment we recieved results from blood work that showed abnormalities. There are two areas that now need further testing, her white blood cells are abnormal and she had a strong positive read for a disease called Celiac [which is an allergy to Gluten which causes instinal deterioration].

So after a good cry [I do that when I am scared and emotional] and talking with friends and family, I have realized that we can only take life a step at a time and no matter what we are faced with, we are truly blessed by each day we have.

Well, my little blessing had no clue her Mommy has been scared....and she has just been her radiant self. Today she was so giggly and happy......and doing everything in her power to make everyone around her laugh and smile right along with her. At one point I was frustrated with something and I guess my little girl sensed my negative tone and all I hear from the back seat of the car is "Mommy, I sorry" the sweetest little voice. My little girl was trying to make me feel better by saying she was sorry.........she just melts my heart.

Blessing our circumstances......allowing us to trust that each event in our lives has a reason and a purpose. Today I will make a spiritual inventory of all of my blessing....I will count my blessings and I will give thanks daily for the blessing and gift of the day.


Monica said...

And I will join you Tara Marie. I will also consciously tihnk of all the blessings that I have been given (and they are many) and send up a shout of thanks! And one of the blessings that will be on my list if your friendship. Hugs.


Sarahlynn said...

My heart is in my throat. Did I miss the follow up?