Monday, October 15, 2012

31 for 21 ~ Day Fourteen

21 Things you might or might not know about Emma Sage

Get It Down~31 for 21 .....and a good way to learn a little bit more about our pixie.

  1. We knew, but we didn't know that Emma Sage had T21 during my pregnancy. I had premonitions and 'soft markers' and in my heart of hearts I knew.
  2. You are more than welcome to laugh about the 'premonitions' but they were actually right on and more accurate than the ultra sound scans.
  3. This was the first layer of preparation I had for embracing my daughters Down syndrome diagnosis.
  4. Emma Sage was born at home in the bath tub.
  5. No, it was not a planned home-birth, but again, this child has brought many pleasant surprises into our lives......and I hope that never changes.
  6. I was the first to say "Oh look, she does have Down syndrome"
  7. It took over 24 hours before anyone at the hospital confirmed my original diagnosis of T21....they all came and looked, but no one said anything. My sister and my Midwife both agreed with me that she had Down syndrome, but we did not have a doctor come and talk to us about the possibility for a day.
  8. That was fine by me, as my only focus was getting her to nurse.
  9. Emma Sage finally latched on and nursed almost 24 hours after her birth [even though she did latch on and nurse in the ambulance ride to the hospital. Emma Sage nursed until she was 3 years and 10 months old.
  10. Her favorite food is.........everything. This child loves to eat, from salad, to soup, to sushi, to name it, and she will try it.
  11. Emma Sage loves to dance and has been taking dance lessons since she was three
  12. Her first dance studio was our first experience with discrimination ~ her current dance studio is the epitome of inclusion and positive forward thinking.
  13. Emma Sage is now a 5th grader in middle school.  She has a locker and loves school
  14. She is an awesome reader and excels at math [and this fact both delights me and surprises me]
  15. She plays the drums in her school band.  She tells me she is going to play in an all girls rock-n-roll band someday.
  16. When she gets tired she turns into a bear, Thank goodness she doesn’t get tired too often
  17. Emma Sage love to ride horses, her instructor told me that the easiest thing for her to do would be to limit her, but instead she took a leap of faith and this child trots and canters on her own.
  18. Emma Sage loves to model.  She has appeared in print media 14 times, including the Toys R Us big book. 
  19. When she was seven she was proposed to.  We told her she had to wait till she was 24 to get married [she never lets me forget that fact]
  20. Emma Sage is funny, witty and can be very sarcastic.  This is quite refreshing and at times annoying, as she loves to yank my chains.
  21. Emma Sage has always defied the statistics......she is her own unique person and we couldn’t imagine life without her.




P said...

No joke about those premonitions, it's REAL! I need to read more - unplanned bath tub birth oh my.

CJ said...

I just learned a LOT! We are going on two years of nursing! I can't imagine meat four! Awesome!

CJ said...

Nearly four! Not meat four!