Friday, October 05, 2012

31 for 21 - Day Five

I love October.  Always have.

Because of Emma Sage, and her very acute observations of life and living each day fully,  I love it even more now. 

The air is more palpable to me….I sense the coolness, the early morning mist and the warm Indian Summer days….sometimes all within a 24 hour period.  I savor it.

The colors are more vivid and intense.  I get giddy at seeing trees change right in front of my eyes. 

I notice the last days of harvesting with a fond remembrance of my grandfather and the bushels of treats that abound when he was alive.

Of pumpkins bigger than you can imagine…..and decorating for Halloween which always brings me delight.  I love magic and wonder and October is filled with it.

It is also Down syndrome Awareness month….and now with the Internet humming with so many amazing souls, the awareness is taken to greater heights….of so much positive energy.

I feel so alive.

So today, as the phenotype of Brushfield spots popped up again and again on my Facebook feed, it made me recall a post that I did 7 years ago for 31 for 2 1.  [Sweet Maddy who is picture below had the most incredible Brushfield spots.]

It is amazing how much has changed [and sadly, how much has remained the same in seven years]

The topic was of editorials that still run of perpetuating the myth that Down syndrome is something that is ‘unfortunate’ and the prenatal tests that were just emerging at the time….to test earlier and earlier in gestation so that woman may opt to terminate at a time frame that is considered ‘easier and less evasive’.    Let’s just say this.    No woman who has ever had an abortion will tell you that it is ever easy or non- evasive.  It cuts at the very heart and soul of a woman.  Some pro-abortion activists will lead you to believe otherwise, but the truth of the matter is this.  Abortion hurts women at the time of the procedure and decades later their souls are still tattered.  Trust me on this one.

So I leave you here at the beginning of a post I wrote 7 years ago.

I remember with love all my friends whose precious children have left us too early…..and my heart weeps for their loss.

***~~***~~*** written 7 years ago.....

During the last few days I have reflected on the whole situation with Indy's Child magazine and editorials that still target our children that have Down syndrome as something 'unfortunate' and in need of earlier and earlier prenatal tests to eliminate the burden of continuing a pregnancy that is deemed 'imperfect'.

While I watched Emma Sage playing with cousins and friends, celebrating the 4th of July, I kept thinking about all the people I have met during my journey with Emma Sage in our life, whose beloved children with Trisomy21 have died. Children whose lives were wanted, loved, cherished and missed dearly.

I made this little banner in the memory of all of these beloved children and a reminder to all that all children are blessings.....those with 46 chromosomes and those with 47.   Our children are loved and wanted.....and cherished beyond what words can convey. We are fortunate...and truly blessed.

This is Maddy.............she is an angel in heaven, but the love and joy she brought her family and friends will live on forever in their hearts.

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