Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 for 21 ~ Day Eleven

'The StoreyMan' it is a must read, really it is.

You see, it is a story about David Hingsburger, who is a disabilities rights advocate and his  meeting a young man in London named Steven Storey and how he views disability [his to be exact] and other wonderful things.  The first thing that made me smile from ear to ear is the photograph of Steven, as he is holding a pint of beer.

Now I know you might think that is a funny thing to make me smile, but it is........because that was one of the weird things that crossed my mind when I was pregnant with Emma Sage [yes, pregnant] was the fact that I wondered if she would ever grow up to enjoy a glass of wine or a nice cold beer [or follow in her Momma's footsteps and have a passion for a Margarita once in a while]   For some strange reason, I always had this misconception that people with disabilities didn't drink. Don't ask me how that misconception crept into my mind, but it was there. The other big misconception I held was on the topic of S.E.X........yes, for some strange reason I'm a prude. Lol!!   Actually I'm not, far from it, but the thought of a healthy physical and emotional relationship was another topic that I really never thought about for Emma Sage given her diagnosis of Down syndrome.   Weird I know.  How uneducated and misinformed I had been.

People with Down syndrome are just that....people. They happen to have an extra chromosome on their 21st pair of chromosomes. This causes some common traits [phenotypes] amongst people with Down syndrome, but it is not all encompassing and each person with Down syndrome is as unique of a human being as any of us are.   They look and act more like their families than they would look or act like another non-family member with Down syndrome.

Each of us brings to this world our own special gifts........each of us has our own destiny to fulfill.......our own dreams to dream and achieve  ~~~ people with Down syndrome are no different than any of us in this regard……they tell jokes, they drink beer, they have relationships.

See how much I have learned in 11 short years!!!!!!

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P said...

Neat post! I recall kids at college drinking including a range of abilities but not intellectually challenged perhaps. I have read that alcoholism is very low as is depression (for males with DS in particular). It was an essay in a collection if technical & a few non-technical essays in a NDSS sponsored book perhaps from 2001. Martha Beck had an awesome summary about myths in it, including the impact on siblings. The book was an excellent read!