Thursday, July 05, 2012


“Reading is the sole means by which we slip, involuntarily, often helplessly, into another's skin, another's voice, another's soul.” ~ Joyce Carol Oates

It is something I treasure and the one thing that I prayed to GOD for when I realized that Emma Sage was born with Down syndrome. I got down on my knees and prayed that she would learn how to read……as you see, for me, reading is magical. It is the key to many adventures.

So, reading is the basis of this little Emma Sage funny.

Last night, Emma Sage is chatting away with Greta and I. She turns to Greta and says “Truth or Dare”

Greta replies “Truth” and Emma Sage proceeds “Which do you prefer, a fun, sporty date or a quiet, romantic evening?” Greta turns to me like ~ wt????
She continues…..asking both Greta and I questions [and if we say Dare, she gives us silly things to do].

“Where is this coming from?” Greta asks me…..

I reply “She must have seen it on a Disney show” [as that is the only TV she watches, except when her PopPop is watching her and they watch I-Carley together…..My Dad likes that show! Lol!]

So the game continues…..with questions that are very sophisticated and well beyond the scope of my newly turned eleven-year-old girls realm.

Later that night Greta comes into my room laughing so hard…..

She states “I know where the ‘Truth or Dare’ questions are coming from……..come see”.

So I follow her upstairs to Greta’s room and there is Emma Sage sitting on Katrina’s bed, lounging and reading ~~~ Cosmopolitan


It is such a wonderful blessing she is such a good reader, but I must make sure that reading material that might not be ‘age-appropriate’ be kept out of her reach.

Now I know where all her ‘beauty secrets’ she has been giving me are coming from.


Silly Little imp of mine.


Rosa Maria said...

Emma Sage made me laugh, too.

Mrs. Swaddle said...

Reading is important to me as well, I remember those summer breaks were I would read up a storm.

Frani_54 said...

LOL Little Emma is growing up....hopefully not to fast....


Dana said...

Reading is such a blessing...thanks for this post to help me appreciate it.