Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A sad little girl......

Emma Sage is one sad little girl today.  Her sweet kitty, Gracie, was hit by a car on our lane.  She and I were outside watering plants when we saw the car go by quickly and we heard a loud 'bump'. 

My heart paused when I heard it, and I began to pray that it was just a limb or branch that tend to fall to the road from time to time.  I slowly went to the arbor gate and peeked on the road, hoping to see a piece of wood.

But it was not.....it was a beautiful gray kitty, laying there.

I asked Emma Sage to quickly get a towel from the bathroom and to call her brother Otto to come help. 

I scooped Gracie up and brought her to the front porch, where we held her and cried as she took her last breathes.  

Emma Sage and I sat there for a long time.  Talking to her and telling her how much we loved her and that she was the bestest kitty in the whole world [which she was].  The Cicada's were singing their summer song as we sat and mourned this loss.

Emma Sage told me that she could still feel her heart beeping and that she was just sleeping.  I tried explaining death to her again, and she told me that 'she knows, Gracie is in heaven with Nana' but she continued to tell me she was just asleep, and I hugged her and let her know that it was a beautiful, eternal sleep.

We buried her under the Cherry tree. 

Emma Sage and I made a cross out of sticks and placed flowers from the garden on sweet Gracie's grave.

A friend of mine had posted a thought that resonated exactly what we experienced yesterday and wanted to share it here.

"The Cicada Chorus and the Katydid Cantata remind me that as the ocean waves count the pulse of the earth and the passage of time......all things change and all things stay the same. Hello and goodbye really DO mean the same thing. Love is what remains........."
Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam  ~~ Rest in Peace sweet kitty


Becca said...

Oh, I'm crying reading this. I'm SO sorry. :-( Poor kitty, poor Emma Sage, poor mommy. You are seriously grace under pressure. ((HUGS)) to you all.

RK said...

I'm so sorry that your sweet kitty is gone. I appreciate you sharing the experience, though, especially how you talked through it with her.

And though I'm sorry for the reason for this particular post, I have to tell you I was so glad to see you pop up in my Reader. I do love hearing about Emma Sage... she was our first glimpse of positivity after Braska was born. Emma Sage will always hold a special place in our hearts!

Luvmypeanut said...

I'm so sorry Emma Sage. These life lessons are so hard....

Much love from Alex and me!!

Anonymous said...

Of course, I'm tearing up. Many hugs to you -and especially to EmmaSage. We lost one of our darlings last fall. My daughter found her dead - we have no idea what happened.

Something my husband found that we love - we had a beautiful stone engraved with her name and put it over the spot where we buried her. When we eventually move away, we can take the stone as a remembrance. I walk by it every day and talk to her. So sorry to hear.

JennyH said...

So sad. I hope Emma sage is OK with the lose of that pretty kitty.... and hope the rest of you are OK too. Loosing a pet can be so hard.

Jeanne said...

Celebrate you and surround yourself
with people that do.


Miss your postings

Heather said...

Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)