Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Magic from my dear friend Fran.......

I believe in angels........

both celestial and earth born.

My dear online Fran is exactly earth born Angel. She always knows how to touch my heart and brighten my days.

Our paths crossed by the amazing paradigm of the Internet.......she stumbled upon me because of my sweet little earth Angel Emma Sage and my blogging and capturing her life in photographs and words.

On her own, she reached out to me and asked to use a photograph.........thanking me for allowing her to do just that. Little did she know, I am the one who gives her 'Thanks' everyday.......for seeing the beauty in my child - Emma Sage and for creating for me gifts of Magic by her talent in taking my photographs and turning them into precious memories for me.

Today I give Fran and all the other amazing souls out there who reach out to others and who see the beauty in all of GODs children.

Peace and love, Tara Marie

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