Sunday, May 02, 2010

My little girl loves to sing this song to me, and how fitting it was part of our Mass this well as the baptism of a precious little girl named Olivia. Emma Sage just radiated love when she was talking to me during the service and went over to say 'peace be with you' to our newest member of our Church community.

Lately, I have become a bit overwhelmed with life.....just too many things to do and not enough time. But this little Imp of mind seems to always find a way to bring me to a sense of peace and balance.

She has me stop to smell the flowers.....she takes her time walking through the garden center [as I am on a mission to get the things on my list so I can get home in the gardens and plant] but there she is, taking her time, touching the foliage, smelling the flowers, asking me "What is this plant called?"

Yesterday she stops and picks a petunia.....she gets down on her knee and hands it to me and then kisses my hand. I ask "are you pretending to ask me to marry you?" [like her beau Ryan did in Boston [click here to see the proposal] and she says "NO......I just wanted to tell you I love you and to show you how beautiful the color purple it is on the inside" Sure enough, the flower was the most exquisite color purple......but in my hurrying to just 'buy' what I had come in for, I have walked right by......noticing the purple flowers, but not really 'LOOKING' at the incredible hue of purple.

Thank you my sweet have taught your Momma well.

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