Friday, February 05, 2010

A Must Read........Nella Cordelia

Find a quiet moment, and sit and read this beautiful birth story, of a very precious girl named Nella Cordelia......I promise, it will touch your soul so deeply.

Welcome To Our World Sweet Nella Cordelia


Anonymous said...

Oh, I cried a bucket. I just find it amazing how similar the journey of emotions we all travel as we discover the condition of our children: from denial to unconditional love and acceptance. I totally relate to Kelly's story. I know you have a different birth story with Ms. Emma. But then you were always the enlightened soul, Tara Marie. :) Thanks for sharing.

Cheche Chavez

Tara Marie said...

Wasn't it an incredibly written and photographed birthstory. I know it echoes most of our stories. My story was a little different, as I had the 'seed' of the possibility of Emma Sage having Down syndrome at 13weeks when she was born and I saw her right away, I knew that that possibility was a reality.

What truly inspires me about this story is that the Pediatrician was so absolutely amazing in her delivery of the confirmation and stating that she is 'perfect' exactly they way she is [she just happens to have an extra chromosome, but she is perfect!]