Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Wish Come True

As you all know ~ from my post below~ my Christmas Wish this year is for family and friends to donate to Reece's Rainbow Angel Christmas Tree fund that helps with the grant funds for precious children with Down syndrome who are waiting to find their forever homes.

A dear friend and her beautiful family have been called to not only donate to the Angel Tree fund, but to open their hearts and home and adopt one of the waiting Angels.

Please visit this blog and follow the magical journey that is just beginning ~ Loving Alina

and a very special aspect of this adoption is that Alina is in the same orphanage as my sweet girl, Nadine ~ which means Full of Hope/Hopeful.

If you can make a donation to Alina or Nadine's grant funds, you would make this Momma's heart quiet a bit ~ knowing that two little Angels ~ who are together many thousands of miles away from here, have a chance at life.

What a glorious Christmas Gift that is ~ Life!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I just read about Alina on their blog and how they came to the decision to adopt her. I so wish that we could adopt also, its so painful looking at all their little faces, and being so helpless. But the word is out there, so hopefully, they will get forever families!

Lori said...

That is so exciting!!
Great to see you and the lovely Emma Sage at the Christmas party. Merry Christmas!