Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Gnome Wisdom

As those who visit our blog have learned by now, we are very Blessed to live in a little Hamlet not too far from the big city [both New York City and Philadelphia]. Rick grew up a mile up the lane from our home, and I lived 10 minutes away. It truly is a hidden treasure on earth.

The Columbia Trail that we walk regularly on, is also the home of Gnomes. It has been such a treat through the years to find new homes scattered along the trail. One of Emma Sage's favorite things to do when we are out walking is to stop a moment and 'look and listen'.

Well, Jerome the Gnome has come out of hiding in the forest and shares is Gnome Wisdom with us all. Last week we got to meet Jerome at our local book shop and take a little 'Gnome' walk. I have many pictures to share of our outing, but alas, my time is pressed. It is 8:21 pm and this Momma has miles and miles to go before she sleeps.

I leave you with my little Gnome~ [can you find her hiding?]

Gnome Emma Sage

and a link to Gnome Wisdom


My name is Sarah said...

Emma Sage is that you?

Amy said...

sooooo cute!