Saturday, October 10, 2009

31 for 21 - Reece's Rainbow

The primary goals of Reece's Rainbow is:

To raise awareness regarding the plight of children with Down syndrome in foreign orphanages and their availability to be adopted

To raise adoption grant donations for each of our waiting children

To seek new adoptive families for orphans with Down syndrome internationally

To provide adoptive families with additional fundraising opportunities.

To fund humanitarian aid opportunities and improve the quality of life of our children waiting to be adopted

To fund educational and therapeutic opportunities for orphaned children with Down syndrome living in foreign orphanages

To fund and facilitate the development of new Down syndrome birth parent support groups in foreign countries, thereby decreasing the number of children placed in orphanages

To enact social change abroad about children with Down syndrome and other special needs through the testimony of adoption

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I know all of our pocketbooks are stretched thin these days, and my hope of hope at one point in my life journey, was to adopt another child with T21, but as I have aged. my dreams of adopting in our family fades a bit....BUT the one thing I can do, is give little bits to a waiting child's fund, so that when their forever family comes along, the cost of adoption is offset by Reece's Rainbows sponsorship fund.

Think about sponsoring a child that is waiting for a forever home this holiday season and get a beautiful ornament to hang on your tree to remind you of the gift of life!

If you have a moment: Visit this blog~
Newbold Family Adoption
as it is one of the sweetest tributes to Down syndrome and the power of love, faith and prayer. A precious angel named Chloe graced the Newbold's life, only to be taken from them so quickly.....but Chloe gave a great gift in her short life, a love and understanding to her parents who loved her so dearly, to adopt two orphans, John Paul and Dasha. I promise you, you will leave this blog with a heart that has swollen in size from reading about the gift of Down syndrome in a families life.

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Anonymous said...

I don't quite know how I stumbled upon your blog. Your Emma Sage is a beautiful girl. I have a Down Syndrome angel, too. She is 16 months old and her name is Ella Jane. I also blog about our experiences and will be checking back on your blog again soon.
It's so nice to meet other special mommies.
My name is kelly and my email address is if you'd like to contact me. I loved the video of Bernadette and Josh. I copied it. Her mom and I emailed each other quite a bit last summer and she was so inspirational.