Wednesday, October 21, 2009

31 for 21 ~ Camp PALS

Camp PALS is a 1-week summer camp for teenagers and young adults with Down syndrome held at Cabrini College in Radnor, PA. Campers and volunteer counselors room together for the week in dormitories at the college.

My Katrina is now a head counselor and my Greta is a counselor. Both girls will attest to the fact that this is one of the greatest highlights of their year. While they come away from the week exhausted.........they also come away each years saying that it was the best experience ever......year after year.

A few weeks ago, Katrina brought Emma Sage with her to Princeton University to meet up with other campers and counselors from Camp PALS as they were trying to have Camp PAL 'reunions' throughout they county.

Of coarse Emma Sage had the best time hanging out with the campers and counselors [have I ever mentioned that this kid thinks she is a teenager?

Jenni Newbury, one of the founding Directors adores Emma Sage and told her that she can be a Mascot this year and come to camp on Friday afternoon and spend the night and I'll join them for closing ceremonies.

Well, a few days later, Katrina was trying to 'bribe' her sister into doing something she wanted her to do [like go get her a glass of O.J. or something] and she wasn't getting her little 'slave' to cooperate, so she said "Well, then you CAN'T go to Camp PALS" to which Emma Sage replied "Yes, I CAN, Jenni BLUEBERRY, said I could"


I guess Emma Sage told her sister 'what's what', and I love how she remembered her last name sounded like a 'berry'........

You have to check out Camp PALS.......and their blog too!!!!

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